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6. These heavy-duty, self-closing gate hinges are ideal for metal, wood, and vinyl gates that experience a lot of high traffic or use. GB Home Collection’s heavy-duty cast iron fireplace tongs makes it easy to get a strong grip on large and small pieces of wood. Cooks Illustrated Magazine tested nine different well-known brands of 12” tongs to assess ease-of-use as well as their ability to grasp slippery items, small items and large items. Forged from a heavy-duty metal, this tree grabber will help you remove and drag logs and pull them to any location desired. Left: 6 ton 3-leg tong to lift under a flange of a welded structure. It supports up to 1500 lbs to make the heaviest logs easy to cut. Make an offer to the item and These heavy-duty copper tongs are designed for safe use with pickling and acid solutions; the copper will not contaminate the pickling solution. W Sharp hooks dig into trees as pressure is applied for a secure hold For dragging logs, pulling stumps and skidding trees Use at the end of a pull, behind a tractor, ATV, or Skidding Tong (1) Special Interest MFG in the USA (16) 10"W 6000lb-WLL Yellow Steel Heavy Duty Beam Tongs. Help yourself to a good deal. Lots of 24; $3. The tool starts at 17" to hold 6 bricks and expands to carry up to 10 with ease. I see lots of two prong tongs online but no 3 or 4 prong ones. 09 shipping . Skidding Tongs & Brush Grubbers; Heavy Duty Brush Grubber . tong to lift irregular shaped castings and forgings. As you apply pressure, the tong end points will dig into the long for a secure grip. Skidding Tongs With Ring For Sale Online. View Details +Add to Wishlist; Heavy Duty Steel Skidding Tongs from GPM Multiple SKIDDING TONGS Skidding tongs from Koch Industries feature a forged steel construction. Excellent Pair Heavy Duty Antique Horse Draft Power Logging Skidding Log Tongs Selling With No Reserve! Hi! I have for Auction here a very nice set of heavy duty Logging Tongs. The Klinkerdinker is the ultimate in fire tending, better than log tongs or scissor tongs, as this American Made tool cradles the logs effortlessly. From shop BuffaloCreekArtisans. They have had to be repaired due to hard use but the basic tong structure has never bent or snapped. Regular price $108. for a variety of uses; o Rotating swivel hook, rotates 360, keeps tongs from slipping Antique heavy duty and thick iron logging tongs with great patina. SMALL MECHANIZED YARDING . Use these steel skidding tongs to grab and move log poles or timber more efficiently. Compared to other barbecue pit tools, heavy-duty log tweezers, poker sticks, the Original Campfire tongs will find themselves in your hands building the most memorable campfires again and again. Report. The heavy-duty tongs are designed to grab and hold heavy logs for skidding and dragging with a highly visible color that makes it easy to keep track of your tongs. Permits handling of hot beakers from 100 to 1500 mL capacity. "The silicone tips are safe for nonstick cookware and bakeware, and the tongs are heat-safe to 500 degrees. Starting at: $189. # A Skidding Tong is a traditional logging tool specially shaped to grab and hold poles and logs for skidding and dragging operations. This is the D009 mount pattern which fits many saws including. 99 on  Shop 11 Log Skidding + Lifting Tongs at Northern Tool + Equipment. The crane operator controls the entire lifting process from the crane cabin by placing the tong above the center of the billets before the lifting stroke starts. chain Jaws can latch onto logs or stumps up to 25 in. Handle is designed with HI-VIS orange rubber for excellent grip. The sharp teeth have a lasting edge for a secure hold, powder coated steel with a strong tow hook for dragging; Bright colour makes these tongs easy to spot and keep track of in the woods. 3. Jonsered 8" Timber Hand Tongs Forester Swivel Hook Skidding Tongs Dixie Skidding Timber Tongs - 3/4" x 16" - #40005 View more Logging Tools. $99 Log Skidding + Lifting Tongs Log lifting tongs are designed to give you a strong grip on any kind of raw wood. Function The beam tongs are attached to a crane or other machinery and used to lift heavy materials. May 30, 2018 · Hi to all. All Items. These fireplace tongs are operational with one hand. 5 out of 5 stars from 13 reviews The extra tong allows for heavy duty lifting capacity. The Woodsman Tongs are made of durable steel construction with a powder coat finish to reduce damage and rust. They incorporate a long-lasting stainless steel spring. A motor carrier must retain ELD record of duty status (RODS) data and back-up data for six months. 19 16 Forester Heavy Duty Swivel Skidding Tongs Logs Wood. 4” high, with two 2. Bahco 1449 Bahco 1449 High quality tractor tongs have a 1. Outdoor Tools > Log Handling Tools > Log Tongs > Forester Swedish Style Log Tong Forester Swedish Style Log Tongs are made of durable steel with heavy-duty rivet connections. Our Rear Eye Double straps enable one to hang large heavy gates with a space between the gate and the post as little as one inch. Charging Tongs Charging tongs are ideal for industrial operations and large melting/metal refining applications. The heavy-duty tongs are designed to grab and hold heavy logs for skidding and dragging. $139. I would like to set up a homemade crane using pipes, block and tackle and something to grab the rocks. 99 Father's Day Gift, Personalized, Heavy Duty, Log Tongs, Fireplace Tools BuffaloCreekArtisans. LOG TONGS Log tongs from Koch Industries feature a forged steel construction with a rubber coated handle for comfort. Their 3/8-inch thick steel arms open to 20 inches and have a powder-coated finish to help prevent corrosion. Over 28 long. Sort by A stand-alone electronic logging device that was the only one designed to print paper versions of e-logs has been discontinued. $606. These tongs are designed with sharp points to securely grab hold of logs for dragging and skidding. Capacity 2 in. Pick up locally. Powerful jaws open up from 4-1/2 in. Various recognized brands offer wide selection of Economy, Heavy Duty or Extra Heavy Duty type tongs used for lifting and Timber Tuff TMW-03 25-Inch Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs. 7586 Email: info@vestil. Insect Repellant Cant Hooks Peaveys Hookaroons & Pickaroons Pulp Hooks & Tongs Log Wizard Debarking Log Mills Logging Tape Heavy Duty Black Brick Tongs. Campfire Tongs are perfect for campfires, outdoor fireplaces, RV camping and backyard barbecue fire pits. Heavy Duty Grease Gun; Wayside Lubrication; Job Boxes . 20. As you apply pressure, the tong  The heavy-duty tongs are designed to grab and hold heavy logs for skidding and dragging with a highly visible color that makes it easy to keep track of your  Shop Amagabeli Fire Tongs 26” Long Heavy Duty Fireplace Log Tongs Indoor Fire Tools Log Grabber Wrought Iron Fire Pits Accessories for Outdoor Stove  The heavy-duty tongs are designed to grab and hold heavy logs for skidding and dragging with a highly visible color that makes it easy to keep track of your  22 Feb 2019 Currently, the best skidding tong is the 1922 Earth Worth. Simply place the tongs on the end of the log, pole, or stump and hook to a chain. back out in a hurry, try lifting and dragging logs without skidding tongs. No matter if you need a skidding tong or log carrier to drag logs out of a forest, or a brush grubber and root buster, we can help you ready wood for a log splitter any time of the Block the tires, release the latch pin, back up further to slide tongue and lower lifting lever. We have all of your forged blacksmith tong needs at Blacksmiths Depot, including blacksmithing, blade-smithing, and knife-making tongs. The clever design of the Grill Daddy King Tong ProDeluxe incorporates an additional handle halfway down the grabber, making heavy logs much easier to manage. 665. Uniquely shaped prongs accommodate different specimen Heavy Duty SOLID STEEL 16" Skidding Tong Tongs Logs Wood Timber Logging Forester. Other Home Improvement Tools 11704: Heavy Duty Solid Steel 25 Skidding Log Tongs Wood Logging Dragging Forester -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $69. The overall weight of the unit is 104 kg. These also feature flared tongs with raked, serrated teeth, ensuring you get a secure grip on every log. Locking Tongs for Small Parts Bent Head and Cushion Grip May 01, 2020 · The heavy-duty tongs are designed to grab and hold heavy logs for skidding and dragging with a highly visible color that makes it easy to keep track of your tongs. Alloy Splitting Wedge - these 13cm felling wedges are made of lightweight aluminium to minimise the risk of saw blade damage in the event of accidental contact with the wedge. The swivel, no-slip, sharp teeth provide a lasting sharpness o Constructed of 1" diameter steel material for Blue tongs are for log skidding only, whereas the orange tongs are made from alloy steel and featured a rated load tag that makes them legal for overhead lifting. Featuring wide handles designed for single or double handed use. There should be very little physical exercise involved when doing this properly. Timber Tuff log skidding tongs are a quick and way to skid logs. Login Sign Up; Edlund 4409HD 44 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 9" Scalloped Tongs. The powerful steel jaws open up from 2. Tongs with curved jaws hold round objects securely. to 32 in. Choose jaws that open from 3-1/2" to 16" and up to 12" to 36". heavy duty lifting peavey tree log skidding tongs and turner US $4. They have a SWL of 300kg. An additional spring-loaded handle grip provides a vise grip-like hold on firewood. Jul 13, 2020 · Find the best Kenworth Logging Truck near you. Heavy Duty Flask Tongs feature a cork lined jaw for handling hot flasks and glassware. The sturdy tongs are made by the Vermont-based Edlund Company, a long-time supplier to professional kitchens. Overview Specifications MODEL PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION PACKED WEIGHT (kgs) PRICE £ 4409 HDL 734611 229mm (9) heavy duty scallop tongs with lock 0. Proudly made in the USA. Our skidding tongs are designed for pulling timber with either a winch, Quad bike or 4x4. Add to Cart. These adjustable heavy-duty brick tongs are designed and built for long wear. Heavy duty forged, high carbon steel Skidding Tong. Dishwasher safe. Buy Fireplace Logs Tongs Heavy Duty Indoor Firewood Tongs measures 26-Inch long. Overall length of these fire tending tongs is 36". $8. Powerful jaws open up to 25” wide; Heavy-duty 1. Mechanisms are powder coated with a black finish to provide This 60 ton die lifting tong handles automotive dies. Skidding Tongs (lifting tongs here) DIXIE Skidding Tongs are upset forged from round steel to position additional steel at critical stress areas. $79. Powerful jaws open up from 4 1/2" to 20" for a variety of uses; Rotating swivel hook, rotates Heavy duty log dragging tongs. Features. It has angled gripping prongs which go deeper into the wood as it is pulled, producing a remarkably strong grip. 32 In. Dimensions Price Net Weight; RR4650: Heavy Duty Fire Pit Tools, Heavy duty fire pit tongs, fire pit tongs, best fire pit tongs, world's best fire tongs A heavy duty steel construction and long handle allow you to grip hot material in furnaces and forging and heat-treating applications. Constructed of strong high-carbon steel, this log skidding tool is capable of heavy jobs. These are great for lifting and moving logs. It features an extra-large non-slip grip for improved control and its heavy-duty body stands up to daily wear and tear. " Runner Silicone Tip: OXO Good Grips 9-Inch Tongs at Amazon "These are heat safe to 600 degrees and have a nonslip handle and a comfortable thumb rest. Swivel hook attaches to 3/8" chain. 95 CAD. 82. Looking for some heavy duty tongs to place pieces of wood and small logs in the fireplace. We proudly supply an assortment of SureClose and TruClose hinges made by D&D Technologies. Measures 3" wide x 4" high x 72" long x 1/8" thick (11 gauge). Attach the tongs to your ATV or tractor with an appropriate chain or use them by hand to flip and drag logs where they’re needed. Usually ships the same business day. Buy Log Tongs including , CM Skidding Tong w Ring, Sales and Customer Service 1. Measures 29" tall overall to top of ring x 31" long/wide overall opened x 24 1/2" wide opened all the way point to point x 3 7/8" wide closed point to point x 14 1/4" long/wide overall closed x 1 1/8" diameter thick iron tongs. Medium Duty Heavy Duty Load Securing View All Winch Centre Accessories AC Powered Manual DC Powered View All KEEP THE FIRE GOING: The Redneck Convent Heavy-Duty Firewood Log Grabber Fire Tongs Scissor Tool, 40” Inch – Place Wood on Campfire Pit Indoor Outdoor Fireplace allows you to keep your hands 40 inches (101. 25” thick steel Heavy duty scissor action log tongs that help you pick up and move logs for better burning in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Bought the longer style and they don't bend, sag or under perform with heavy oak logs in their grasp. Extreme Grip Snake Tongs. 66. Pic # Description: Jaw Opening (mm) Unit Weight (kg) 4123-15: 1: Skidding Tongs: 553: 4. US $6. to 20 in. $46. These Timber Tuff Steel Skidding Tongs have a chain hook swivel end and are ideal for dragging/skidding in logging operations. 39 - $ 257. Some of the stones are 50-200 pounds. Jun 16, 2020 · o Powerful jaws open up from 4 1/2" to 25" for a variety of uses o Rotating swivel hook, rotates 360°, keeps tongs from slipping o Gripping points, 3" long each, reduce unwanted sliding. Call (866) 848-2032. . Extra heavy duty, new clean powder coat surface. Blue tongs are for log skidding only, whereas the orange tongs are made from alloy steel and featured a rated load tag that makes them legal for overhead lifting. Used for dragging and carrying logs with the confidence and ease of a handle. However if you offer each for - i'm very likely to accept Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc. Max. x 27 ft. The pinching, concave arms operate similarly to scissors and have a strong metal construction for the chemical and temperature resistance required. Vintage Log. Multiple Pipe Sizes; Hold Open Latch; Off the Floor; Series 377 Pipe & Bar Tongs. McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 595,000 products. Here’s how it all works: 3300 lb. 97 plus tax. 70 / Piece The beam tongs have a working load limit of 5 tons and a jaw opening of 200 – 320 mm. 19: $2. Item #FOR2222XL. Heavy-Duty Caster with Brakes for Aluminum Pan and Lug Racks $ 25. S. Heavy Duty Smart Switch can calculate and report your spend in watts and kilowatt hours in real-time. You can also use these tongs for skidding as they are more than up to the job. 5 out of 5 stars (95) 95 reviews $ 120 Lifting tongs provide a sure grip on poles and logs. Their strong hinges also won't break and can handle daily use in your high-volume kitchen. Pliers and tongs, like all hand-feeding tools, are not considered to be guards or devices by themselves. C $66. The LogRite Tools Steel Sawbuck 1500 is a heavy duty tool. The tongue has a self latching pin to lock it in place. 95 Skidding Tongs Patent With Two Pages Old Look - Black Pine Frame Buy Now. Item #: TMW-03. 52 Feb 22, 2019 · The Timber Tuff TMW-02 (about $33) make a difficult job much easier. Vintage Antiques and More! Search. 6 items Buy Log Tongs including , CM Skidding Tong w Ring, 34 Results Made from very strong special analysis tool steel. They have aggressively angled points which bite into large and small logs. LogOx 3-in-1 Logging Tool HEAVY DUTY BRUSH GRUBBER. 00 Details/Purchase Heavy Duty Steel Skidding Tong. Funniest and strangest machines and heavy equipment. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Forged steel construction Available with either a ring or a swivel grab hook Used for grabbing and dragging logs WHERE TO BUY SEARCH FAQS FIND On Sale Now! Forester Bar and Chain Combo for Husqvarna Chainsaws. I don't see how a two pronged device will safely hold an odd shaped rock. 2 ton c/w Tips, Au. Picture Information. Can easily pick up logs with an 8+” diameter. The swiveling clevis hook prevents any tangling or twisting in the chain as you transport logs. Move blocking to front of tires and pull forward to slide tongue forward and raise log lifting lever. PRODUCT DETAILS- Dimensions: 25" long when fully extended x 3" wide at the handles. For California consumers: more information about our privacy practices. These spring-loaded log tongs allow one person to hook and skid logs without worrying about the tongs falling off or becoming unhooked. long each, reduce unwanted slipping 25" Heavy Duty Skidding Tongs TMW-03SS By Timber Tuff . Large heavy duty forged iron large 24" log skid tongs. Shop chefstyle Serving Tongs - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. 3300 lb. Click to Learn More. Capacity, Dimensions, Net Weight, Price, Quantity in Stock. Has an added ring at the top of the handles to fasten the handles together when not in use. HEAVY DUTY- The tongs have heavy duty joints and hinges to allow you to securely lift heavy logs. 99 Online / In Store 446405. 5 tonne max load and… € 73. 5 to 25 inches for versatile use that can bite into almost any sized log; Keep your tongs from slipping loose thanks to the 360 degree rotating swivel hook design A heavy duty steel construction and long handle allow you to grip hot material in furnaces and forging and heat-treating applications. Here is a photo of the light duty skidding tong on a tractor attachment that was built for the 28 Steel Skidding Tong with 5/8 ring, and 4-1/2 to 23 jaw opening designed for maneuvering wood and logs. Heavy Duty SOLID STEEL 32" Swivel Skidding Tongs, Logging Dragging Tongs are heavy duty, well made and handle both larger and crooked fire wood logs. ,909-469-2251,manufacturer and safety training provider to the industrial lifting sling and rigging industries for over 30 years. Simply wrap around the log, attach to the slider ring and pull forward. Timber carriers help two people efficiently lift logs from 3" to 16" dia. For the last 40 years, Rotobec Log Grapples have been considered the logging industry benchmark for toughness and durability. Craziest & Unusually Heavy Vehicles Most bizarre logging equipment ever built. 888. The smooth and balanced lever system allows users to manipulate Dec 21, 2016 - Antique Vintage Heavy Duty Log Skidding Tongs Primitive HUGE Heavy Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs 20" Jaw Log Chain Grabber Logging Hook. Points are fine ground to assure lasting sharpness. Vollrath 47049 Heavy Duty 9" Pom Tongs #92247049. Dec 22, 2007 · Skidding is skidding, which was the original question. Skidding Tongs. Timber Tuff Tmw-28sss Black Spring Loaded Skidding Tongs, 28 Inch For Sale Online. for larger logs and stumps. Rugged Drop-Forged Tongs Made heavy for years of use in the log woods. $87. 25" TIMBER TUFF SWIVEL GRAB SKIDDING TONGS. Designed to grab hold of logs for skidding and dragging. Jun 01, 2020 · Timber Tuff brings you the must-have tool for easily dragging or skidding logs - the TMW-02 Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs. As with all our other stuff, they are hot dip galvanised for a long rust free working life. Mar 24, 2014 · I am rebuilding a stone chimney in my log cabin. for a variety of uses Rotating swivel hook, rotates 360, keeps tongs from slipping Gripping points, 2 in. For the majority of our customers, the blue tongs are what they need. Outfit your timber logging kit with these heavy duty tongs. The tongs are robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the severe demands of steel mills. May 27, 2020 · Forester Heavy Duty 17" Pickaroon. Vintage Heavy Duty Log Skidding Tongs for auction. Tong sizes 3/4 and 1 inch are supported by special Tong Shut. 49 . These skidding tongs provide a rugged and stable grip which grips more as it is pulled. KEEP THE FIRE GOING: The Redneck Convent Heavy-Duty Firewood Log Grabber Fire Tongs Scissor Tool, 40” Inch – Place Wood on Campfire Pit Indoor  Skidding Tongs are made of round high-carbon steel and have heavy up-set, The tongs are shaped so that a good grip is obtained on straddled logs and poles . Manufacturer: Eisco™ CH0733 Bulk Industrial Steel Chain Supplier: Murphy Industrial Products Inc offers heavy duty chains for sale, we are bulk chain supplier in the USA. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 25" Heavy Duty Skidding Tongs TMW-03SS By Timber Tuff . Its high-visibility orange color is easy to spot when at the mill or on the lot. com. Item #4509 « Back to Previous Screen Next Item Heavy duty encoders for the logging and wood processing industry from Dynapar, rugged design with IP67 rating, easy installation and 3 day average lead times. $112. 400 lb. Heavy Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs, Logging Tongs. 14 32 Heavy Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs By Timber Tuff Tmw-04ss For Sale Online. Address: PO Box 507 2999 North Wayne St Angola, Indiana 46703 USA; Phone: 1. jaw, 360° swivel grab hook and powder-coated forged-steel construction. My Account Log Out. Heavy Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs 28" Jaw Log Chain Grabber Logging Hook. It has a heavy steel construction and is great for pulling large and small logs. 6: 4123-93: 3: Timber Lifting tongs are an important tool to have after you’ve pruned your trees, removed damaged branches and you’ve formed a distinctive shape for your trees. Utility Tongs are made of durable stainless steel or polycarbonate for long lasting use and dependability. Measures approximately 36” in length. The forging starts with fullering the jaws, forming the joint to one side, then starting the back of the joint. Rust resistant finish of fireplace tongs is useful for indoor fireplace, wood burning stove, outdoor backyard fire pit, bonfire, campfire, a boiler. HEAVY DUTY BRUSH GRUBBER. Both models come equipped with combined quick attachment and 3 point hitch use. As you apply pressure, the tong end points will dig into the log for a secure grip. They are made to last and are constructed with durable steel material with a black powder coat surface finish. “Full-tree” logging equipment – such as skidders, forwarders and feller bunchers – removes the entire tree from the trunk up. Skidding Tongs - $128. Simply place tongs on the end of the log or pole and hook to a chain. Note: Should not be used for overhead lifting. Free P&P . These long tongs act as a log clamp and have an opening span of 20 inches, making them ideal for any size log or pole. Used for grabbing and dragging logs. The tubular steel construction quickly adjusts with a wingnut to carry more bricks. Order your chain by length or barrel today to get same day shipping. Does any one have any pictures of homemade lifting tongs they made for their boom. Heavy Duty Ratcheting Tie Down, 1 Pk. These are heavy duty and will last a lifetime. Rail Threader Tong "Jefferson" w/ $3,438. Heavy Duty Log Skidding Tongs with 32” Opening Features: Drag and load heavy logs Easily hooks to towing chains The harder you pull the harder they grip Made with 1-1/8" diameter solid steel Angled grip prongs pull large logs with ease Can be pulled with a truck, ATV, tractor, skidder and more Opening range from 5-1/2" Because they’re made of durable materials like nylon and stainless steel, heavy-duty tongs are built to last. 95 shipping. 260. Guaranteed by Fri, Jul 31. 5" slot and one 5. Its scissor action allows you to grab and maneuver hot burning logs with ease and precision; no more kicking them or poking them with a branch. These tongs feature our heavy duty replaceable stainless steel spring and are available with or without our patented locking mechanism. Part No. Avoid thinning the the neck. “Cut-to-length” logging equipment like harvesters, delimbers and processor machines are used to saw down and delimb a tree to specifications, leaving only a stump behind. Columbus McKinnon - Motion Industries Motion Industries Update: COVID-19 information for our customers, suppliers, and employees > Learn More The STIHL cant hook is specially designed for gripping and moving cant logs in a wide range of sizes. Tiger#: TS69198. Other sizes  28" Spring Loaded Skidding Tongs. TWO MAN These are a heavier tongs than the ones above. Feature comfortable hardwood handles and leather straps. Tongs open to 25″ and fit logs in most second-growth woodlots. $1,537. com : Heavy Duty SOLID STEEL 28" 4 Claw Timber Log Lifting Logging Tongs Grabber Tong : Garden & Outdoor. FOLDS UP FOR STORAGE: Although this set of fireplace tongs is incredibly long, you don't have to store it fully extended. Forester Heay Duty 35 Steel Skidding Tongs Logs Wood Buy Now. 15 14 4416 HDL 734511 406mm (16) heavy duty scallop tongs with lock 0. The back-up copy of ELD records must be maintained on a device separate from that where original data are stored. At an extra long 35-in length, you can tend your fire a safe distance from the heat. 99. THE GLOVES: Our heavy-duty Fire Tender Leather Gloves will protect you from injury while attending to your campfire or fireplace fire. 75. The Uniforest Scorpion Grapple models 1300SB and 1800SB are available from Hud-Son Forest Equipment with 70″ openings down to 2″ with pass through jaws, 360 degree rotation, 21,000 pound clamping power and heavy duty hydraulic fittings and hoses. 35,000 lb. 62 - $7. Select locations now offer curbside pickup & home delivery If you had skidding tongs say on a 3 pt hitch where you can lift one end of the log of the ground, that's a different story. Replaceable Tip, Timber Tong, 1/2 Yuppiechef Silicone Locking Tongs From R89 4. Jul 21, 2020 · Heavy Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs, Logging To . They start with 3/8" x 1" stock for medium tongs and 3/8" (or 7/16") x 1-1/4" for heavy tongs. Find great deals on eBay for skidding tongs and log grab. Made in the USA - Heritage Products 36 Inch Heavy Duty Fire Poker Log Grabber Tongs Heavy-Duty Outdoor Indoor Tool for Wood Burning Fire Pit or Fireplace . Simply connect the ring or hook to a skid loader, fork lift, or something similar, clamp the log tongs around the material and start moving poles and logs. The sharp teeth provide a lasting sharpness that give you a Constructed of 7/8" diameter steel material for strong Antique Log Hooks With A Large Clevis/ Shackle 0317-13 Antique ESCO Logging End Hook Salisbury NO. C $67. Shop for Firewood Racks in Fire Pit Accessories Buy products such as Pleasant Hearth Adjustable Log Rack at Walmart and save Product TitleBest Choice Products 5-Piece Firewood Log Rack Holder Tools Set for Fireplace Stove w/ Hook Broom Shovel Tongs. If you are having trouble figuring out what you need, let us suggest some tongs that will best fit your stock. Aug 23, 2018 · Large Spring Loaded Log Skidding Tongs - makes for easy log skidding. Lifting tongs provide a sure grip on poles and logs. Heavy welded slider ring attaches to your chain, cable or lifting strap. New - New - Roughneck High Carbon Steel Skidding Tongs - 32in. Heavy-duty factory OEM hot dip galvanized trailer tongue. Sep 26, 2019 · These heavy duty tongs will keep you 26 inches away and safe from the heat, so you can get the wood exactly where you need it and keep the fire stoked. Add to Compare. 00 - $ 215. But these hand tools offer additional protection. At least two are available that are designed to be pulled by ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles -- 4-wheel drive, 300-400 cc, which sometimes can be fitted with special hitches, protective cage, and front-end counterweights). Made with red cowhide material, these gloves are great for use around the fire or grill, and will protect your hands, wrists and lower arms with reinforced stitching and extra rawhide where it's needed most. The extending scissor action is smooth yet firm. These are well made, heavy duty tongs that alleviates the. Log Skidding Tongs. The wooden handles allow for a good grip and the added command of two hand operation. $104. The tweezers are long enough to transfer hot items to the pickle without risk of contact between your fingers and the pickle or of splashing the solution. Each. heavy duty swivel grab skidding tongs, logging. Log tongs make moving logs a breeze. Jaw Opening. These skidding tongs have a swivel hook that attaches to a 3/8" chain. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. jaw opens to 16" lifting capacity 1,500 lbs. The tongs do not slide loosely or move with The powder-coat finish resists rusting and corrosion for an even longer lasting product. I am not wanting to spend 500 or 600 hundred dollars for the larger sized tongs. Many of the heavy-duty gate hinges we carry come with grease fittings, so the pivots are constantly lubricated. 14 Just added a boom to my wood splitter to lift the heavy logs. Made in USA. Log Out My cart 0 item(s) - $ Heavy Duty Trap Dividers; Postive Set Accessories / Funnels, Cones, Docks & Converters. 61,66,181,185, 260,265,272,285,288XP Forged fireplace tongs. 53; 0 bids +C $13. New Koch 4080045 20'' Skid Tongs With Ring Heavy Duty New Log Grab Tongs 6102792 For Sale Online. With jaw openings of 16 to 36in. Logging and Pulling (Heavy Duty) Show Collars Decorations- Mane & Tail for Special Occasions (No order until further notice on Decorations ) Double Trees - Neck Yokes- Spreader Bars - SS Parts Driving Lines Fly Protection Gift Items Grooming Supplies Halters & Bridles Hames Hard to find Items Harness - Show - Work - Pleasure From heavy-duty hoists to general duty chain and hooks, CM represents a legacy of expertise. SUPER HEAVY DUTY bbq grill tongs - We use 20% thicker stainless steel than normal grilling sets so they are extremely durable and made to never bend or break when turning large pieces of meat LOCKING BRACKET FOR EASY STORAGE - Elegant open style tongs that lock shut for easy storage - Extra large clamps can handle any size food DISHWASHER SAFE MAKES CLEANUP A BREEZE - Comes with leather hanging strap so it fits on any grill tools holder including Weber Genesis, Charbroil, Big Green Egg and Mar 24, 2014 · I am rebuilding a stone chimney in my log cabin. Shop with confidence. Tow any truck, bus or large vehicle with confidence. Browse all of our blacksmith tongs for sale, from square bar, flat bar, angle, to tubing. From $4. Powerful jaws open up from 4 1/2" to 20" for a variety of uses Heavy Duty Smart Switch lets you automate and schedule the operation of the high-power devices wired into it. This log grabber helps with skidding, dragging, and pulling operations. Logging Hooks and Tongs. The latest tools are only a click away at the Altec Supply store. attractive and well-constructed. I have 3 sets of tongs, 1 skidding (dragging) and two lifting, that are very heavy duty. 00 Vintage Metal Fire Place Tools Heavy Duty Iron Holder For Log Toolset - Tongs Two configurations are available, Tong with Forged Ring or Tong with 3/8" Swivel Grab Hook in sizes 3/4" and 1" and 1/2" Forged Swivel Grab in size 1-1/4" Tongs are specially shaped to grab and hold poles and logs for skidding and dragging operations ; Not for overhead lifting, use lifting tongs only; Painted Blue; Made in U. Swivel tongs open to 20 in. 59: Vollrath 47326 Kool Touch® 6" Pom Tongs #92247326. A set of these log tweezers will keep your campfire burning strong on that next RV adventure. Dixie Industries Skidding Tongs are upset forged from round steel to position additional steel at critical strees areas. The Timber Tuff Log Tongs are a steel constructed logging tool that makes log handling a fast, easy and efficient way to grab and handle wood up to 16 Inch in diameter. This log grabber will last you a lifetime, all steel construction, and built for fun. 99 Online / In Store 396921 Heavy-Duty Skidding Tongs AD4GC. Closed they are 2-1/2" and closed they are 34" They are in good usable condition. 360° rotating teeth ensure a good grip on the log. Inquiry about the product Heavy Duty Black Brick Tongs Your Name: Your Email: Log/Timber Quad-Claw Lifting/Grabbing/Skidding Tongs with 36” Opening - Features: - Drag and Lift heavy logs - Same thing that places like northern tool sells,  Amazon. A. Model No. Made from solid, quality steel - no low quality steel that will sheer off under a heavy load or stress. Watch. Log tongs grab wood up to 8" in diameter; Offset handle makes logs easy to grip and carry; Helps to reduce back strain; Use for stacking wood in a pile . As you apply pressure, the spring-loaded timber tongs dig into the log for a secure grip. com Timber Tuff Tools Heavy-Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs TMW-03. The tongs have a handy handle at the top which is great for carrying them and placing them on the log. Heavy Duty Solid Steel 36 Quad Claw Timber Log Lifting Tongs Grappler Grabber … Vintage Metal - $199. 00-$6. $ 223. Deep tong grubbers can handle some really bulky logs. The Unit Is Constructed Of Powder Coated Steel For Strength And Durability While Lifting Heavy Loads. Each end provides a secure hold to bricks without damaging them. Heavy duty lifting tongs come in various sizes and have lifting capacities of between 1,500 and 3,000 lbs. Ideal for safely adjusting and picking up fireplace logs. 16" Broad Lifting Tong Outfit your timber logging kit with these heavy duty tongs. As we're closing out this product line, you'll find 'Really Good Deals' on what is left. Timber Tuff 25” Heavy-Duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs (75136). Swivel Skidding Tongs. I use the LKs tongs with the red or wooden handles to braai with, nothing better, but they are to light for heavy logs. Hook up log tongs or chain. Right: This three-leg tong lifts barrels from under the top lid. $49. 80 . The Original Popco Tongs, Set of 3-7,9,12 inches, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Bbq and Kitchen Tongs with Silicone Tips (Can Also Be Used as Ice Tongs and Sugar Tongs) (Black) 4. Certified Lifting Tongs st0018-lifting These high quality heavy duty Dixie brand lifting tongs come in 16″, 20″, 25″ and 32″…considered the maximum opening (+/- 180 degree), normally used at less that max. 00 Biro Pultry Cutter with Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminum Finish Chrome Rack for Full Size Trays for Units EKFA464, EKFA564, EKFA664, EKFA864, and EKFA1064 Convection Ovens $ 40. Jobsite Chest; TIMBER TONGS (TWO-MAN TYPE) Part Number: RRT-1466 Category: TIMBER TONGS $ 139. Heavy Duty SOLID STEEL 32" Swivel Skidding Tongs, Logging Dragging Forester. CHAIN SHARPENERS. Felling Lever - this model is 130cm of heavy duty breaking bar, all steel construction with a sliding cant hook. vintage barn hook tongs logging ice hay wood tool primitive farm display. Skidding Tongs / Forester Big Mouth Swivel Skidding Tongs - 23" Opening. These heavy duty tongs are perfect for our graphite foundry crucibles and Super Salamander crucibles. 90 $ 15 . O'all Outfit your timber logging kit with heavy duty tongs that can grab and hold large logs for skidding and dragging; Open the powerful jaws from 2. 13 13 4412 HDL 734411 305mm (12) heavy duty scallop tongs with lock 0. Dec 06, 2017 · Demonstrating Log Lifting Tongs from Northern Tool. Also makes a great accessory for your fireplace. 63 . 4. Jan 01, 2017 · Strangest & Weirdest Logging Equipment. jaw opens to 16" lifting capacity 1,500 pounds. How long must a motor carrier retain electronic logging device (ELD) record of duty status (RODS) data? A8. Perfect for decorative uses with the fancy chrome finish. 25 Heavy Duty Die Lift Tong,3K,38",Opening; Zoro #: G5439835 Mfr #: DLT-30; The Heavy-Duty Lifting Tong Is A Great Addition To The Material Handling Capabilities Of Manufacturing Facilities. Shop new or used Kenworth Logging Trucks For Sale including Kenworth T800, T800B, T880, W900B, and more on MyLittleSalesman. Central Eye Hinges allow for 180 degrees of opening. Always make sure to be using certified alloy products  If you plan a night by the fire, have this log grabber campfire tongs heavy duty grabber tool handy in your fire fit accessories and supplies kit to safely keep the  Online / In Store 446955. Lifting Tongs Quick Search Select Style Chain Saws - Cordless Chain Saws - Electric Chain Saws - Gas Pole Saws - Cordless Pole Saws - Electric Pole Saws - Gas Select Grade Home Owner Farm & Ranch Professional Select Bar Length Less Than 12 Inches 12 Inches 14 Inches 16 Inches 18 Inches 20 Inches 24 Inches Select Brand Blue Max Earthwise ECHO Forester Heavy Duty Swivel Skidding Tongs Logs Wood. Gripping Tongs. All Closed Items. Browse a variety of top brands in Log Skidding + Lifting Tongs such as Roughneck Logging   The extra tong allows for heavy duty lifting capacity. The Perfect CampfireGrill Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers Instead, imagine your campsite ready, the wood unpacked, the campfire lit and reaching for your durable, heavy duty log grabbers to create the ultimate campfire. Log Grabs/Lifting Tongs - these lifting tongs and log grab with a 300mm jaw opening make easy work of lifting and moving logs. 632. If you want to keep them CLEAN for milling or sawing you could make up a utility company style bogie to go underneath at about the halfway point, then "trailer" them out with a chain on the drawbar - someone wrote about using a quick hitch as a log arch a few weeks ago, you might want to search for that thread. Provide maximum personnel safety when transferring corrosive or extreme temperature-subjected samples by using laboratory tongs. I do a lot of logging and clearing large eucalyptus trees. Edlund 4416HDL 44 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel The Timber Tuff Spring Loaded Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs is strong and durable with its heavy-duty 0. Lift-It Mfg. Lifting Log Tongs. Durable 3/4" diameter high-carbon steel. 6cm) away from the fire while turning firewood logs GB Home Collection’s heavy-duty cast iron fireplace tongs makes it easy to get a strong grip on large and small pieces of wood. Check out our full line of chainsaw sharpener's including our handheld and benchmount models. 1 Likes | 453 Downloads | 1K Views Download. 8 out of 5 stars 2,411 $15. Skidding Tong, Brush Grubber, Log Carrier, Splitting Wedge Clear out overgrown brush, annoying stumps, and scrap wood with Agri Supply®s range of logging equipment. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day. These Redneck 36-inch heavy duty log grabber fireplace tongs are extra long for a deep fireplace with hard to reach areas. 5 star 25" TIMBER TUFF SWIVEL GRAB SKIDDING TONGS. 00. 78 you save 33%. Bright green powder coat finish makes them highly visible. Page 1 of 1 A heavy plywood slide with rails nailed to it, can help to guide the leading nose of the log smoothly from ground to truck bed. $186. Add to Wish List. 1-inch thick steel construction. All Open Items. Heavy-Duty Log Grabber Fire Tongs Poker Tool with Spring Handle and 3 Prong, 36in – Place Wood on Campfire Fireplace: Amazon. Free shipping. Choose from a large selection of brooms, pokers, log tongs, ash rakes, shovels, wall mounting brackets and hooks. Heavy Duty Wrecker Accessories Our full line of axle forks, tow slings, tow bars, cam locks, outrigger pads and wheel lift accessories will keep your big wrecker ready for any job. $5. Timber  These tongs are designed with sharp points to securely grab hold of logs for dragging and skidding. Gripping tongs can lift loads of virtually any length, but a single gripping tong can only lift loads whose diameters vary by about 25%. $94. Jan 26, 2019 - Forester Heavy Duty 28" Skidding Tongs Logs Wood | Maison et jardin, Équipement outils et atelier, Autres - Outils et équipement d'atelier | eBay! The Range Road RR600 trailer is ready to go to work as the perfect addition for property owners, sawyers, and hunters, not only as a Utility Trailer with a dump box, but also for hauling logs and lumber. Swivel hook keeps logs from turning while skidding. RR4658 28", 2500  This log skidding tongs are a quick and way to skid logs. $710. 17 (ex VAT) Add to basket Choker Chain – 8mm Round – 2 metre with Clevis Choker Hook & Slip-through Pin Shop a large selection of S41734 products and learn more about Eisco Heavy Duty Beaker Tongs Heavy Duty Beaker Tongs:Wipes, Edit this message by logging in to LC4101 New Sunnydaze 40-Inch Log Claw Tongs - Heavy-Duty Metal Outdoor/Indoor Gripping Grabber Tool for Wood-Burning Fire Pit or Fireplace - Safely Moves Firewood sold by Serenity Health The plastic tongs present a functional and decorative addition to every type of your party. Skidding Tongs Patent Print Midnight. Timber Tuff. Permits handling of hot flasks and glassware. Simply remove the two hinge pins and slide the box off and with the addition of Steel log grabber for camp fires. It is available in one-pack and two-pack options and includes a one-year limited warranty. 1101 SE 7th Avenue Grand Rapids MN 55744 1-800-359-6614 or (218) 326-4434 Fax 1-800-755-3249 or 218-326-2529 Customer Service Heavy Duty Timber Tuff Log Tongs; Keywords. 875-inch or 1. For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or cs@harborfreight. In good condition for use or farm and ranch rustic decor. Lifting Tongs are supported by either a screw pin shackle or a safety shackle (nut and bolt) with a ring. Points are fine ground to assure long lasting sharpness. Its The Claw ! I absolutely love these Log Lifting Tongs ! I call them The Claw ! If you are Here's the grand daddy of all log grabbers -- its heavy-duty. Bright orange color helps you easily identify these tools on the jobsite. Free postage. ca: Home & Kitchen. Redneck Convent 36-Inch Heavy-Duty Log Grabber Fire Tongs. Made of square tubing for strength. The pronged end is spring assisted allowing you to firmly grip a log with ease and move it as necessary. . $ 14 99. Most of the tools are constructed of soft alloy materials, engineered to easily crush if caught between dies or parts of the machine. crate lifting tong. $103. Tongues do not have pre-drilled holes and do not include couplers or hardware. 90 Brush Grubber BG-08 Heavy-duty Brush Grubber. Whether you use the scalloped or the flat gripper end, these heavy-duty, locking tongs are versatile kitchen helpers. Happy Bidding! I do combine shipping whenever possable. Gripping tongs are mainly used to lift loads such as ingots, rolls, tubes, pipes and many other round or cylindrical object. White color and sleek design of these tongs will flawlessly match with the rest of your dinnerware and add elegance to your wedding reception, birthday party, shower, or any other special occasion. 72. 5” to 25” to handle logs in a variety of sizes. 262 sold. Opens image gallery. 2 Log Tongs Vintage Cast Iro Antique Logging Tongs Osh. It features an adjustable 2-1/2 to 17-1/2 in. 25. Tong sizes 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 use Screw Pin Anchor Shackles. 88 $ 187. Granite Quarry, NC Map is approximate to keep the seller's location private. with heavy-duty, one-piece, drop-forged duckbilled hooks and a heavy steel swivel. Write the first review. Free The Woodsman Skidding tongs are designed with the ability to open up to 20 in. Powerful jaws open up from 4 ½" to 20" for a variety of uses Rotating swivel hook, rotates 360º, keeps tongs from slipping Gripping points, 2" long each, reduce unwanted slipping. The forward motion lifts the front of the log up the arch rail and makes it easy to pull. CONTACT INFO. Shop our selection of Foundry Tongs for handling large crucibles and melting dishes. Compare to. Timber Tuff 25 Inch Heavy-duty Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs Forestry Logging Tool. co. The tongs are curved specifically to grab large logs without bending. tong to lift concrete vaults. Painted bright orange for job site identification. 59 /Each. 4 out of 5 stars 324. At 75 degree opening they have lifting capacities of 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, and 3,000 lbs. From $2. 24 shipping; SPONSORED. 52. We have the best deals on Logging Tongs so stop by and check us out first! Vintage Antiques For Sale. 68. and have a square opening for miscellaneous applications. The tong arms securely grip the load below the center to provide enough support. They are forged from heavy -duty metal and built to last, even under punishing daily use. If you go this route, you’re out $103. If you're planning to skid some logs or simply pull some timber around, they work great. Leach Company 18 Tongs [August 19, 2019] Industrial Tongs Grabbers Log Carrying Tongs, Extra Long Scissor Tongs, Ice Block Tongs, Lifting Tongs, Vintage Blacksmith Tongs, Snake Handling Tools, Trash Tongs Grabbers Parts, Outdoor Fire Pit Tongs, Snake Grabber Tool, Firewood Grabber, Plate Grabber, Reach Extender Grabber, Mechanical Grabber, Item Grabber, Long Reach Grabber Industrial, Kitchen Grabbers, Heavy Duty Wood stove tools - whisk broom and dustpan - sweeping the wood stove Wood stove tools - fire tongs - picking up and moving wood with some impacts. Available in 42", 48" and 60" versions. Forester Swivel Skidding Tongs. Logging Tongs. Oct 17, 2010 · Heavy Duty Clevis – $23. Extra heavy-duty design for rugged campfire use. Forged, round steel ring for skidding or lifting. 11 + C $27. Jan 31, 2019 · The Delicate Tongs That Can Also Handle Heavy-Duty Meat Trigg Brown tackles beef shanks at Win Son with this tool of choice by Abigail Koffler Jan 31, 2019, 9:12am EST Skidding Tongs with Swivel Grab Hook Multiple Variants Peavey. High-power electronics tend to be those that cost the most amount of money to run. Light; Easy Handling; One Man Operation; Heavy Duty Pipe & Bar Tongs. Browse a wide selection of new and used GEOBOY HEAVY DUTY Wheel Mulchers Forestry and Logging Equipment For Sale near you at ForestryTrader. Available in our Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty series, there is a Rotobec Log Grapple suited to every application. Form 2290 is used to figure and pay the tax due on certain heavy highway motor vehicles. respectively. 96. You can easily stack smaller pans and skillets within one slot to save more space. Shop from major brands such as Klein, Milwaukee, Hubbell and more. Log lifting tongs are also essential for the lumberjack as they’re able to grip logs from pruned trees that the average person could never move on their own. Timber Tuff TMW-04SS 32-Inch Swivel Grab Skidding Tongs, Green. , there’s a log skidding tong available for jobs of all sizes. It quickly collapses down to a much more manageable size for storage. 80 / Piece 100 Pieces (Min The modern black color and practical scalloped handle design of these tongs present a must-have piece of serving ware that is necessary at every special event such as wedding reception, baby or bridal shower, birthday party, or any other important celebrations. 5” slots, one 3. mfg. Whether you run a steakhouse, buffet, or diner, heavy-duty tongs can handle all of your needs. Category Bidding Status. Results 1 - 25 of 398 Heavy Duty SOLID STEEL 36" Quad Claw Timber Log Lifting Tongs Grappler Grabber … $199. Oshkosh Tools has introduced three sizes of Load-Rated Lifting Tongs. Heavy Duty, 115 lb. 61 /Each. Simply place log tongs on the end of a log or pole and hook to chain. Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is hosting a free webinar Nov. 8302 Shop Winco Heavy Duty Tongs and restaurant equipment at wholesale prices on RestaurantSupply. Tong shape has been designed to provide a sure grip on poles and logs. Heavy-duty tongs are perfect for larger-sized graphite foundry and Super Salamander crucibles. Our individual fireplace tools are available in standard, extra long and miniature sizes and are offered in multiple finishes including black, matte black, natural iron and graphite. o Powerful jaws open up from 5 1/2 in. 5: 4123-14: 2: Two Man Rail Tong: 95: 8. 99 5-Tier, 15"- Heavy Duty Pan Organizer: The entire organizer is 15. THERE IS A growing demand for medium-sized, towable logging arches. They are super heavy duty, about 1-1 These heavy-duty copper tweezers are designed for safe use with pickling and acid solutions; the copper will not contaminate the pickling solution. Make light work of shifting logs and timber by using a hook or set of tongs, such as these ones from Oregon, Bahco and Ochsenkopf. $42. Product Overview Skidding tongs with an O-ring for use with a 3/8 in. Inc. Logs are too heavy for a man to lift. F-I-L uses then for every bonfire amazed at the ease of use and strength of the material. $76. Reg. Used to lift one end of a fell tree to be hauled to a landing for sawing or cutting. " Best Metal-Tipped: DRAGONN 12-inch and 9-inch Tongs at Amazon 16 in. View our video below demonstrating how this ATV Log Hauler can your work much easier and safer. The 8" tongs are long enough to transfer hot items to the pickle without dipping your fingers in the pickle or having to drop the piece and potentially splashing the acid. Information about Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, including recent updates, related forms, and instructions on how to file. Lifting tongs are certified for overhead lifting, while skidding tongs are for dragging. Vintage Heavy Duty Log Skidding Tongs | Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery The Campfire Grill 1061 Heavy-Duty extending steel log tongs are perfect for moving burning logs around in a campfire or fireplace. Skid logs quickly and easily. 5” slot, to accommodate your larger saucepan or dutch oven. £37. The RR600 is intended to be towed behind your ATV, UTV or tractor, and will haul dirt, rocks, firewood and more. 22" Spring Loaded Skidding Tongs TMW-22sss FEATURES: Tension spring holds tongs onto log ; Tongs open to 22" maximum diameter; Constructed of 7/8” heavy duty steel; 360 degree no slip grip teeth; BENEFITS: Unique tension spring keeps tongs from falling off; Swivel hook keeps chain from binding & log from turning; One person operation only $79. It has powder-coat finish to help resist rust and corrosion guaranteeing long-lasting service. Powerful tongs securely grab hold of logs and poles up to 750 lb for dragging operations. Heavy Duty Straps for use with 3/4" Pins; Double Straps Very heavy duty double straps sandwich the wood between the straps to lock the gate at 90 degrees. These high quality heavy duty lifting tongs come in 16", 20", 25" and 32". Timber Tong 2. 99 More logging chains and log tongs are handy to have, but the items above are the essentials. #BG12 Brush Grubber Xtreme Tugger Chain (3/8 Jun 20, 2020 · ️ SECURE GRIP: Grabber includes 3 tongs – 1 on the right, 1 on the left, and 1 on the opposite side that moves into the center between left and right tongs when spring lever is pressed so you Log tongs make moving logs a breeze. The main body is CAD designed and CNC cut from 10mm steel. 7 out of 5 stars 61. These log skidding tongs are designed to open up to 28 inches for larger logs and stumps. 1,200 lb. heavy duty logging tongs

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